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First workshop 2018 - Education for sustainability themes - Plant biology

Previous Curious Minds funding allowed students to develop a blueprint for turning an empty rural school field into a sustainable science and agricultural learning hub. The initial research and planning phase is coming to an end, the logical next step in our project is to challenge students to explain how the school farm and science hub they have designed will enable science and technology to be investigated.

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Reusable Lunch Bags, Gardening and Apple Muffins!

Today we talked about how we can reduce our plastic waste.  Some kids have lunchboxes that require no plastic wrap but these options can be costly so we decided to make our own. We found a pattern for a fabric lunch bag that wasn't too tricky and started turning our recycled fabric into lunch bags.   We plan to give each child one and eventually  make enough to sell on our online store (coming soon!)

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Bees, Bee Wax Food Wraps & Lavender Propagation

Today we talked to the kids about bees.  We learned about the characteristics of native New Zealand bees verses introduced bees and talked about pollination, bee anatomy, life cycles, bee hives and the kids got to sample some beeswax from Emilie's hives.

The students then had the opportunity to choose to make reusable bee wax food wraps, learn more about bee anatomy, or learn how to propagate lavender with Tom.

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Plant Biology, Plastic Upcycling and Food Forest Work

Today Earth School students had the opportunity to choose from 3 different activities.  As part of our sustainable enterprise theme, we are experimenting with upcycling different materials to create new products. Today we talked about plastic and why we need to reduce our consumption of single use plastic bags.  We then made skipping ropes out of used plastic bags by cutting it into strips then twisting it using a hand drill.

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