Wilderness wildlife workstation in Germany

Te Kura o Papatuanuku Wairarapa Earth School is teaming up with projects all over the world to share ideas and inspire the students with project ideas. IMG_2195

This project is in Munster in Northern Germany, the organic farm and kindergarten is entirely run on renewable solar power and it has a Wilderness wildlife loose parts play area and 'workstation' open to the public and local school groups to learn about pollination, forest management, bee keeping and ecology.


Free parts play is where sticks and stumps and rocks are provided to allow students to build shelters and make art with natural materials. Little insect hotels are everywhere.

The garden is divided into garden 'rooms' or outdoor classrooms with various seating areas and a tent for wet days.

There is a fire pit class room space and a camp kitchen for cooking lunchtime sausages, soup and damper.

lastly there are beehive rooms with both top bar and standard hives for teaching about pollination and bee ecology.

This garden is an incredible inspiration and very cheap to replicate, the garden rooms are connected with paths through woodland with wild flower and berry plantations. The orchard has a large plum and apple tree and large areas of raspberry and blueberry bushes.


If our Earth School project captured some of this magic it will be fantastic :) The connection to nature and freedom provided by this wilderness workstation is something I believe we should be aspiring to ....