Senior technology challenges


The senior students at South End School have been doing Technology challenges on Monday afternoons. The Earth school team have dreamed up some sustainable energy challenges to share with both yr 9/10 students at Makoura and Kuranui colleges and the whole school at South End Primary.  The senior Montessori class had the chance to learn about how to harness wind power, Clemente Castro an aircraft engineer brought in a broken wind up torch and set about dismantling it with a group of keen students. The challenge is to build a small turbine that can power the torch motor and produce light. IMG_2217 (1)

Clemente is using the broken torch and a broken remote controlled helicopter to repurpose components to build the turbine - teaching physics in a sustainable way recycling as much as possible.

Next term we will be challenging students at all three schools to design and build solar ovens and wind turbines for display at the sustainability week finale to be held at the Carterton events centre November 27th - December 4th.

solar oven challenge