Matariki Presentation

This weeks workshop had small groups preparing to display and present their work to the school, parents and community. South End School has a Matariki celebration with a lantern parade, singing and presentations of student work.

Then the school whanau and wider community come together and share homemade soup and bread. Earth school students helped make focaccia bread to share.

A group headed out on the field to collect samples from the existing trees and bushes and then spent time with Tom Cromwell looking in the flora reference books to find the latin and common names.

Another group collected natural bits and pieces to work on a bug lab display to show that insect science is an important part of the planned science lab.

The students are keen to have honey bees and to attract and provide shelter for all insect life such as weta, spiders, mason bees, bumble bees, butterflies, moths, dragon flies and many more ...

A large group worked on writing speeches for presenting at the celebration and displaying images and ideas and work on the school hall walls and shelves. Several students chose to talk about the progress we have made towards researching and designing a sustainable plan for the school field.

The night was a fantastic success and all the earth school team had the chance to share their progress with their whanau.  The following Friday we presented the same speeches in the school assembly and with the use of a microphone it was much easier for the younger presenters to be heard. As always the students surprise and delight us with their passion and confidence for communicating the project.