Student Run Farmers Market


After much preparation the kids successfully ran a farmers market stall in Carterton on Sunday.    The theme of our stall was 'Plastic Free Carterton' students sold a number of items they had made or propagated themselves.  They sold Thunder Bags (reusable fruit and veggie bags with draw string ties donated from Thunderpants), Shirty Shoppers made from old shirts,  baby oaks, baby natives and lavender bags.

The students were amazing!  They ran the stall  own their own and needed no interference from the adults at all.   They used a cash book to keep track of the money and items sold, they communicated with the public about our project and the items being sold, and  worked out the cost of all the items for sale.  The stall was so successful we sold out of all our ThunderBags.   What a fun example of project based, cross curricular learning.

We all got the sense there is a  mood towards ditching unnecessary plastic, people were very positive and excited about having alternatives to plastic and we have already had orders for Christmas.   We have plans to make more upcycled plastic alternatives to sell at a Christmas market.

The market day had a wonderful feeling of community the students were all playing together, taking turns to work on the stall and go off exploring the market. We were next door to Helen's Honey stall and she had her observation hive which the students loved.  Thank you to all the parents and teachers who came to support and special thanks to friends of SES who donated natives, oaks and the most delicious scones to sell.