Preparing for a Farmers Market

Part of Earth Schools objectives is to by December have a business plan for a hypothetical school farm.  To give the students a taste of what we could sell we are going to have a stall at the Carterton Farmers Market on Labour Weekend. We will be selling seedlings and lavender bags.  The students will have to work out how much to sell them for based on our costs.

The students got to choose from 4 activities

  1.  Seed selecting with Helen Dew

We were lucky to have Helen Dew come in with her range of special heritage seeds.   The students worked with Helen to choose a variety of seeds to sew.  They had to work within a budget  and figure out when to sew so they will be ready for sale in October

2. Making Newspaper Seed Pots

The students learnt how to make biodegradable seed pots to start the seeds in.   They made 3 trays of them before we ran out of time.


3. Shucking Lavender

In preparation to make the lavender bags, the students removed all the dried lavender flowers from the stems.  We got half a large bucket full of lavender so will be able to make quite a few bags to sell.


4.  Building a Cold Frame

Students worked with Tom Conwell to build a cold frame to put our seeds in to germinate and keep warm while they are small.