Science and Sustainability Project at Lakeview School in Masterton

The Wairarapa Science and Sustainability project brings hands on learning to schools across the region.

Thanks to funding from Trust House and COGS we have started our Wairarapa Science and Sustainability Project . This funding allows us to target 700+ Wairarapa students who will participate in our hands on science lessons. 

Last term we visited Lakeview Primary school in Masterton and taught lessons on composting and soil science. The students learnt about the science of ‘Hot and Happy Compost’. We discussed which organic waste elements were carbon rich (eg. straw, woodchips, dry leaves), nitrogen rich (eg. grass, food scraps) and act as compost activators (lime, ash, manure)  and the amazing work the FBI do in the compost (fungus, bacteria and invertebrates). Students loved getting hands-on making compost in a jar for their school garden.  Adding manure and FBI into the jar was a highlight for many students :)


The kids then went on to learn about soil science and how we can modify soil to make it more acidic, alkali or neutral to suit different plants.    We used purple cabbage water as an indicator to test a range of substances such as lemon juice, washing liquid, ash and baking soda. The kids were delighted to see the cabbage water turn bright pink when we added an acid and green / blue when we added an alkali. 

By the end of our time at Lakeview, these amazing kids could talk about nitrogen, carbon, acid and alkaline and how  to modify soil and make compost. They loved talking to Dr. Emilie ‘a real scientist’ and it was wonderful seeing how inspired many of the girls were by interacting with her.   We loved our trip to Lakeview and hope to visit again soon. 

Please visit our teacher resources page if you would like to download these lessons.

If your school would like us to come in and deliver a sustainability workshop - please get in touch.