How will we achieve our vision?

There are 3 planning phases and several building and maintenance phases to the project.

Plan It

Phase 1 (2017) - completed!

Design and draw up plans for a school farm/garden and centre for sustainability/science hub building.

Phase 2 (2018)

Develop and test sustainability lesson plans that fit into the NZ curriculum, and share them locally and nationally.

Test and refine lesson plans with schools across Wairarapa region.

Further develop and c ost architectural plans for a farm and science hub.

Phase 3 (2019 onwards)

Develop a comprehensive business plan for building and maintaining a working school farm and centre for sustainability.


Build it

We are currently applying for funding to complete Phase 1 of the students plan to develop the school field.

Maintain it

Currently the planning phases have been funded by a combination of Curious Minds grants and volunteer time.

 Throughout each phase, we:

  • Pukengatanga: Use real-world, project-based learning.
    This is proven to make school work more enjoyable and strengthen pupils’ problem-solving skills for later life.

  • Whakapapa: Every aspect of Earth School has a story and whakapapa.
    Stories are infused in the learning of students by the connection to Te Ao Maori, Te Whare Tapawha and Kaitiakitanga. Students will connect these values to the work done in the classroom. Understanding the Whakapapa and purakau enable a sense of belonging and identity through Putaiao (Environment Science)

  • Tino Rangatiratanga: Let the students lead their own learning.
    This fosters self-motivation and self-confidence, and gives them a sense of project ownership, which means they learn more.

  • Whakawhanaungatanga - Build a network of local science, technology and sustainability mentors.
    These mentors guide and support the students learning providing advice and real world examples as inspiration.


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