In 2017 we challenged Students from three Wairarapa schools (South End, Kuranui and Makoura) will rise to the challenge to research new technologies, plan and design a science learning hub and sustainable farming enterprise on South End School’s empty field.


We asked the question: Can students turn an empty school paddock into a space where science and technology can be investigated?

Students will developed a blueprint for turning the field into a sustainable and financially viable science and agricultural learning hub. The project promoted hands-on activities to fuel student curiosity and allow independent cross-curricular learning to take place inside and outside the classroom.

The challenge combined the research, planning and design of an organic farming enterprise with an eco-school building and science lab for food and produce processing and outdoor learning.  The students presented their ideas, research outputs and final plans to local experts, mentors and the finally to the public as part of a Sustainability Week display hosted at the Carterton Events Centre in December 2017.

Read more about the project finale here in the blog post:

Many rural schools have fields that are costly to maintain. These fields are  an untapped outdoor learning resource with immense potential to increase student engagement and create revenue for struggling rural schools.