Sustainability Week Events

Sustainability week
Sustainability week

This week has been Earth Schools first Sustainability Week.  We hosted 5 events for adults, primary and secondary aged students and displayed the students work for a school farm and off grid building in the Carterton Events Centre all week.

Some of the highlights of the week were:

Recycled Robotics Lab

This proved to be a very popular workshop with 22 kids aged 6-12 from 5 different Wairarapa school .   The kids made a toothbrush robot from the head of a toothbrush, a battery, and a small motor.  The learnt about simple electronic circuits and had a lot of fun in the process.


Fab Lab Renewable Energy Workshop

This event was run by Fab Lab Masterton.   The students learned about the mechanics and functions of Wind Turbines, as well as the use of modern techniques like 3D Modelling in creating new technologies.   They were able to interact with Fab Labs 3D Printers, and learned how to build their own turbines using a combination of common school supplies and 3D Printed components.

Sustainable and Zero Energy Building Design 

This was a very lively and educational talk by Professor Brenda Vale and Dr Robert Vale.  Brenda and Robert are architects, writers, pioneer researchers, and experts in the field of sustainable housing. Brenda and Robert talked about sustainable and zero energy building design. This event was well attended and as with the movie "Tomorrow" it has sparked a continued community debate about our carbon footprint.