School Farm Vision Boards and Bug Hotels

Today the students got to choose to continue making bug hotels with Tom, sew lavender bags with Jules or create vision boards for the school farm with Sarah.  

Vision Boards

In a few weeks Yotam Kay from Pakaraka Permiculture is coming to spend a day working with the kids to develop the plan for a school farm.   At Earth School today we started creating vision boards to prepare for his visit.   We have loads of fantastic ideas as to what we would like to see on a school farm that include:

  • A Rot Zone: A compost demonstration area
  • A chicken coop with laying hens
  • Outdoor classrooms
  • A wildlife habitat featuring native plants to attract native birds, bird bath,feeders, bird houses a pond
  • Pollination garden which features annual and perennial plants
  • Observational Bee Hive
  • A mini bog environment
  • Sensory garden
  • Tea beds full of harvestable teas and herbs
  • Native plant area
  • Sculpture, mosaic and other art projects in the garden
  • Fruiting trees, shrubs, and vines
  • Root view box
  • Pizza bed
  • Recycled and salvaged materials used throughout demonstrate creative reuse

The students who chose this activity worked in groups to create vision boards.  From here we will develop this into a working plan.


The bug hotels are coming along nicely,  the students are really enjoying making these and working with real saws and nails to make them.


Jules continued making lavender bags, the group is getting pretty good at sewing, we still have loads of lavender to use up.