Sustainability Workshop

We had a really fun and interesting session yesterday. We talked about sustainability and showed the kids images from around the world of green buildings, greenhouses made from plastic bottles, kids playgrounds that produce energy, earthships and green roofs.  We  talked about different building materials including bamboo and how to make a house from clay, straw and sand.  We then discussed how we might be able to make money for the school from a school farm. The students could then choose from 3 different activities:

Making a clay, straw and sand structure.  We mixed clay with sand and straw and each student got a base and some bamboo and went to work.  The creations were amazing!

Seed collecting.  The students were taught about seed collecting. They got to practice on amaranth, asparagus, hibiscus, beans and sunflowers.   After collecting, they made seed packets noting the name of the seed and how to grow it.

Sewing a  lavender bag.  This shows the students how we could make money from a school lavender farm.  The hall was filled with the smell of lavender while the kids removed lavender from the plant and made beautiful wee lavender bags.