Food Forest Sculpture Trail

Yippee! Earth School has been awarded a Carterton District Council Creative Communities grant to begin work on our Food Forest Sculpture trail in the outdoor classroom at South End School in Carterton

South End School students will work with a local artist who specialises in transforming natural (wood and stone) recycled and repurposed items into art by burning or etching. Students will design a sculpture trail that leads visitors around the garden classroom to discover different areas such as the food forest, bug hotel and composting zones.

Local Artists Ngaire and Tom from Burnt offering and Formed by hand will work together with students to design and build the sculpture trail, the trail will be presented to the public in March 2020

Last week Emilie worked with the Sculpture Trail group to work out what  to feature in the trail. The kids split into groups to research invertebrates and pollinators. They are keen on featuring natives as well as introduced species such as bumblebees, honey bees, native bees, tui, hover flies, butterflies and moths.

Other groups  worked on the welcome sign design that will include a bug hotel and another worked on  scientific interpretation for the compost area. In the next few weeks, the kids will have finished their research and present their ideas to our artists Ngaire and Tom.